BGP for Enterprise WAN & Internet Edge

Course Level: Intermediate.
Duration: 3 Days

Course Outline

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- Course organization
- Theory and Hands on labs approach
- 17 main LAB topics

BGP Overview

- BGP protocol
- Applications - Service Provider, Enterprise environments
- Architecture - Autonomous System, BGP Policy Engines
- iBGP and eBGP comparison and behavior, timers
- Control Plane and Forwarding Plane
- The BGP RIP, IP RIB, FIB roles
- BGP Attributes
- Path decision process
- BGP session establishment and capabilities (MP-BGP)

Lab Topology overview

- Physical and logical topology description

Basic topology setup - Day 1 Labs

- LAB1: Sites addressing, interfaces setup
- LAB2: BGP basic configuration and session establishment
- LAB3: Prefix exchange, IP RIB, BGP RIB, FIB
- LAB4: BGP Attributes review, Next Hop verification

Policy control techniques

- Policy control usage - Filter lists
- Prefix lists
- LAB 5: Prefix list configuration
- AS_PATH lists
- LAB 6: AS_PATH list configuration
- Community lists
- LAB 7: AS_PATH list configuration
- Route Maps
- LAB 8: Route Maps configuration
- Policy Lists
- LAB 9: Policy lists configuration
- BGP filtering process order
- LAB 10: Scenario 1 – basic outbound and inbound filtering task

BGP – IGP interaction

- Need for IGP and BGP exchange
- redistribute and network commands behavior
- LAB 11: Configuring basic OSPF and route redistribution between processes

BGP in Enterprise Internet Edge

- Internet connectivity in Enterprise, why BGP?
- Default or Full Feed, memory estimation.
- Multihoming
- Stub Multihoming single and multiple Border Routers
- Standard Multihoming
- LAB 12: Multihomed network setup
- Inbound filtering best practice
- Outbound filtering best practice
- LAB 13: Filtering in Multihomed Network
- Load Balancing
- LAB 14: Load Balancing configuration
- eBGP Multihop solution
- LAB 15: Multhihop session configuration
- Securing BGP sessions
- LAB 16: Session security session configuration
- LAB 17: BGP on the edge troubleshooting and task solving

Q&A and course summary

- BGP Q&A session
- Course summary

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