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Who should participate in this Course?

Students and IT specialists interested in IP networks who would like to join a network training course inspired by real life scenarios!

Stand out in the job market!

Very few young IT specialists get the opportunity to design and build modern enterprise networks which include all essential network components. Our Design and Build Enterprise Network course will demonstrate how real live enterprise network services work, you will learn how to design and select infrastructure components, software and hardware to ensure needed service level. You will get the opportunity to configure Cisco and other vendor devices yourself and solve issues pertaining to the network (network troubleshooting).

Earn a certificate in an exciting environment!

This course will not only train you on the LAN/WAN/Internet/WiFi areas based on Cisco Systems, Fortinet, Palo Alto and more, but also instills in you the need to learn more about different technologies. The course will go into depth of the concepts you will learn and help you gain new skills. This course is the first step in the direction to achieve a Cisco CCNA or CCNP certificate. This course will surely help in your career advancement!

Improve your skills

This course is conducted such that beginners along with professionals will find CLI configuration and troubleshooting interesting and fun. Participants will get to learn about enterprise network areas like QoS, WLAN, Switching, Routing, Firewalling, VPN, Security, Data Center which will give a new perspective about these areas. Outstanding students might be offered a paid internship in real enterprise environment.

The Course

"Design and Build Enterprise Network" is a training about network fundamentals along with designing and building enterprise networks using the lab environment having newest network technologies and products i.e. Cisco Switching, Cisco Routing, Fortinet UTM, F5 Load Balancers, Palo Alto Next Generation Firewalls. Training is conducted by Marcin Bialy - Network Architect and Instructor, graduate from Poznan University of Technology. He has stepped through all career levels from being an intern to Chief Network and Security Architect, and wants to share the secrets that beginners lack at the beginning of their professional journey. This course presents network fundamentals, real live project examples, photos of well made server rooms (along with badly designed server rooms), techniques for designing, implementing and troubleshooting IP networks.

Course Outline

Theory, Practical, Subjects


Security, Routing, Switching, WiFi, DC

How to design networks?

Reality vs. best practice

Configuration & Troubleshooting

How to configure a designed network?

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What next?

Network specialist hints.

How this course differs from ICND1 and ICND2 preparation courses for Cisco CCNA and CCENT?

It is worth to mention that this is not Cisco ICND course, but dedicated training for those who want to start or have just started networking professional life. This course does not aim to prepare for passing CCENT or CCNA exam directly, but aims at building theoretical and practical fundamentals that helps to choose the best professional direction. Although this training is not a ICND course, it does provide students with strong fundamentals going for Cisco associate certificates. During the course, most of the exercises will be based on Cisco equipment as its most recognizable network equipment vendor in the IT market.


Marcin Bialy

Advisory Architect at Grandmetric
Instructor, Cisco Trainer, R&S, Security

  • 2005-2007

    First steps in Enterprise environment

    As a student I had the occasion to get to know the corporate rules and standards from the IT dept point of view during my internship. Modern server room, IP telephony, WAN, on-site visits, users support - I was absorbing network tech like a sponge, along with the technology I also breathed the cold air in server room ;) As expected this internship became the point of reference for the rest of my professional life.

  • 2007-2012

    Integration Environment, Service Provides

    Those 5 years were real technological jump for me. With job in Poznan, Warsaw, with clients from around the World, finally Euro 2012 project along with global projects during these 5 years. The hours spent on the commute to work in public transport were used for studying. This time was mostly spent on preparing for the certification exams with nightly configurations and troubleshooting sessions.

  • Since 2013

    Large scale network designs, 3rd line support, Hands-on trainings

    Since 2013 I have been taking part in large network transition & transformation projects. My areas of interests are mainly Routing & Switching and Security. I also design centrally controlled wireless networks. Since 2015 I am Cisco Systems Certified Instructor with CCSI#35269 license.

  • 2014,2015

    Own systems, Network trainings, Consulting

    Since over 2 years I have been developing network systems like guest access portals or network automation systems tested under high user density. I am consulting for technical projects for various clients and analyse their problems. I am also involved in designing and developing trainings.

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Course is conducted comfortably in 8-person groups. The course will be filled on First-come First-serve basis. Please fill in and send following course form, we will contact you by email or call you directly ASAP.